Agencavi Systems has got a strong and lasting partnership with three major partners: Intercond Spa, which belongs to the Nexans group and is a leader in Europe as far as standard and customized cables, and Intercontec Produkt GmbH, an international brand founded in 1996, a leader in the field of connectors. It established itself in the creation and development of special cables for machine tools.

Global leader in advanced cabling and connectivity solutions, Nexans brings energy to life through an extensive range of best-in-class products and innovative services. With four main business areas, Building & Territories, High Voltage & Projects, Telecom & Data, Industry & Solutions, the Nexans Group is committed to facilitating energy transition and supporting the exponential growth of data.

With 2 dedicated manufacturing plants, Nexans develops produces and tests a complete range of cables and cabling solutions for automation industry.

Nexans employs more than 26,000 people with industrial footprint in 34 countries and commercial activities worldwide.

In Intercontec headquarter, in Niederwinkling, a full range of circular connectors for industrial applications are produced. The production methods are based on continuous research and development in order to reduce the assembly and finishing times.

Intercontec patented design combines together functionality and ease of use. Intercontec products are 100% compatible with all OEM systems. The company is also specialized in the development of customized applications and optimized design, such as products that can be used in extreme environmental conditions.

Know-how, flexibility and reliability make all major international companies recognize Intercontec as a partner, a leader in automation technology. All materials are listed according to UL /V0 and VDE.

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MotionCables boasts over thirty years’ experience in creating and developing specialist cables for machine tools. Our DRIVEConn® MT range of cables have been specifically designed to be used with automatic machines (MT: Machine Tools). Available in three performance levels, including UL LISTED for the US market.

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